About Us

LN-CC is a progressive retail concept which combines the roots of traditional bricks and mortar retailing, housed within an art based installation. This is twinned with an online store that is run with the same attention to detail and forward thinking approach as the space.

Both platforms are filled with brands from all areas of the product world, including international mainline designers through to underground Japanese street-wear. We also house informative and enlightening collectables within our library, such as hard to find/exclusive vinyl and out of print/1st edition rarities in our book selection. An ever-growing selection of audio hardware also features, from some of the most innovative and world acclaimed brands in their respective fields,alongside the more underground, emerging pioneers of sound. These are interesting to us as people, rather than just what we think we can sell.

Everything in our mix is carefully considered, showcased and wrapped up in a way that we would appreciate them being presented if we were the consumer. Essentially this is a non-compromise, non-prejudiced and non-exclusive project, from the first to the last detail, inclusive of everything in-between.

Our platform is about a point of view. This point of view is always evolving but the place it is coming from will never change.