The contents of this page are divided into two categories, the "live mix" series and the "store mix" series.

The "live mix" series consists of mixes and performances from the wide range of DJs who have played in the LN-CC club space, ranging from recordings of launch party events to impromptu sessions. All of the mixes in the "store mix" series are created exclusively for play in the LN-CC store and provide the space with a constant stream of background music. All of the artists who we approach for this series are given total freedom to create a sonic interpretation of the space that we have created.

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  • Brian Not Brian

    Brian Not Brian

    Our latest mix comes courtesy of Brian Not Brian, head honcho of Brixton-based Going Good Records.

  • Lexx


    The 16th of our Store Mix series comes courtesy of Zurich based DJ and Producer Lexx. His mixes are always highly anticipated and his offering for us doesnít disappoint, crossing genres effortlessly whilst maintaining his unique style.

  • Invisible City

    Invisible City

    Invisible City is a DJ duo and record label based out of Toronto, Canada, responsible for some of our favorite reissues of recent years.

  • Alex From Tokyo

    Alex From Tokyo

    The 17th installment of our Store Mix series comes courtesy of Alex from Tokyo (Tokyo Black Star, phonon, world famous NYC). Now based in New York from 2004, Alex has been playing regularly all around the world in Japan, Asia, New York and Europe. Alex still travels back to Tokyo every 2 months to continue his 13 year residency at the Sunday afternoon party "Gallery", his Timewarp party at club Eleven and tour throughout Japan.

  • Bradley Zero

    Bradley Zero

    Our latest mix comes courtesy of Rhythm Section dj / promoter and Boilerroom.tv host Bradley Zero.

  • Moonboots


    Moonboots has been at the helm of Manchester institution, Aficionado, for 15 years and counting. A Sunday night session devoted to the musical miracles which many overlook, he has consistently championed an endless list of lost classics and new delights. It's the very definition of Balearic, without genre or agenda, a philosophy echoed in this beautiful mix for us.

  • Young Marco

    Young Marco

    Amsterdam-based DJ and Producer Young Marco has been on the forefront of the cityís bustling underground scene for nearly a decade. Coming up through several now infamous residencies, he quickly gained notoriety for his genre-defying and ballsy DJ sets with a unique take on dance music, playing everything from lost proto-house and raw jaktrax to Libyan disco anthems. After releasing several records on Rush Hour he soon found a home on Lovefingersí ESP Institute where he continues to craft his signature zonked out house sound filled with broken drum computers and uncool 90ís new-age synthesizers.

  • Tiago


    Resident DJ of Lisbonís club Lux and multi-talented musician and producer Tiago joined us recently to participate in the first of a series of sonic improvised experiments scheduled to take place in LN-CC during 2013. Whilst in London, he also recorded this mix for us live in the club space.

  • Hunee


    Berlin-based DJ and Producer Hunee recorded this mix for us, entitled The Sound Of Memory.

  • Cutloose


    Manchester-based party Cutloose is based on some simple principles - quality music, good people and great sound in an intimate environment. Over the past year they have hosted some of our favourite DJs such as Daniele Baldelli, Sadar Bahar, Lovefingers and the Idjut Boys. In addition to great guests, resident and warm-up DJ Paul Jenks is a fine selector in his own right as this latest mix for LN-CC clearly shows.

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