The contents of this page are divided into two categories, the "live mix" series and the "store mix" series.

The "live mix" series consists of mixes and performances from the wide range of DJs who have played in the LN-CC club space, ranging from recordings of launch party events to impromptu sessions. All of the mixes in the "store mix" series are created exclusively for play in the LN-CC store and provide the space with a constant stream of background music. All of the artists who we approach for this series are given total freedom to create a sonic interpretation of the space that we have created.

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  • Brian Not Brian

    Brian Not Brian

    Our latest mix comes courtesy of Brian Not Brian, head honcho of Brixton-based Going Good Records.

  • Invisible City

    Invisible City

    Invisible City is a DJ duo and record label based out of Toronto, Canada, responsible for some of our favorite reissues of recent years.

  • Jogarde


    The latest instalment of our mix series comes from Zagreb-based DJ and Promoter of the legendary "Freilauf" parties, Jogarde aka Josip Hubzin.

  • Tornado Wallace

    Tornado Wallace

    Latest mix comes courtesy of Melbourne's Tornado Wallace. Tornado Wallace aka Lewie Day has in recent months been responsible for stand out EPs on labels such as ESP Institute and Beats In Space. Aside from production work he is also a busy DJ and promoter, organising Melbournes' legendary "Animals Dancing" parties.

  • Sasha Grishin

    Sasha Grishin

    Our latest mix comes from Moscow's Sasha Grishin. A regular resident in venues as Strelka, Dennis Simachev, Solyanka, Cult and Oldich. Grishin is also part of dj duo Shiny Boots and his mixes can be found on sites such as Noncollective, Red Light Radio, deepfrequency.com, The Growing Bin and LBF.fm.

  • Jamie Tiller

    Jamie Tiller

    Amsterdam-based Jamie Tiller is back for another Store Mix. Aside from being one of our favourite selectors, Jamie is also one-third of the label "Music for Memory", dedicated to "giving overlooked and unreleased music that we love a second chance” and responsible for the recently released Leon Lowman LP "Liquid Diamonds".

  • Bradley Zero

    Bradley Zero

    Our latest mix comes courtesy of Rhythm Section dj / promoter and Boilerroom.tv host Bradley Zero.

  • Andras Fox

    Andras Fox

    Melbourne's Andras Fox produced one of our favourite records of this year to date, "Embassy Cafe", released on the Dopeness Galore label. In addition he records for fellow Melbourne DJ / Producer Michael Ozone's Home Loan Records.

  • Pandoras Jukebox

    Pandoras Jukebox

    Latest instalment of the LN-CC Store Mix series comes from London-based DJ Yasmina Dexter aka Pandoras Jukebox

  • Scott Fraser & Timothy J Fairplay

    Scott Fraser & Timothy J Fairplay

    Key members of the "WE ARE AXIS" unit operating out of Andrew Weatherall's studio, Fairplay and Fraser are pioneering a new wave of industrial machine music with releases on a variety of labels including Bird Scarer. Emotional Relish, World Unknown. Fairplay and Fraser also run their "Crimes of The Future" residency in Plastic People and The Berkeley Suite, Glasgow. This two hour mix was recorded when the duo DJ'ed in support of the Chameleon Analog Ensemble live event that took place in July 2013.

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