Good times can turn turbulent and the waters may become choppy but still wonderful things can happen. When the good ship A Mountain of One sadly sailed its last voyage co-founder Mo Morris and AMO1 bass player Merrick Adams were thrown together in a meeting of musical minds and red wine.

Their obsessive love of all things esoteric and the otherworldly forged the start of their creative partnership, friendship and the birth of their first work together under the name ZSOU.

Two years after meeting we see their first AA side ltd. 12" release.

"Written in Dust" / "Wild Honey".

"Written in Dust" co written with friend and all round renegade Andrew Grady comes off like an unknown "JJ. Cale" track. The ZSOU sound dripping in Technicolor. An exhilarating ecstasy rush with a throb in your soul.

"Wild Honey" exemplifies how one could imagine future music if made in the Amazonian Jungle. With its heavy voodoo percussion and analogue twists. A piece of music to celebrate the ritual of dance and the hypnotic state it should draw you into.

The first 100 12" come complete with pull out artwork and will be exclusively available in mid April through longtime friends and visionaries LN-CC.com.

This will be followed by a ltd. vinyl only release through all respected independent record stores in the UK.

ZSOU have also have remixed "Walking through Heavens Door" by the legendary Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music). This will be followed by a second ZSOU 12" more remix projects and a ZSOU long player in late autumn 2012.

Buy the CD and join us and celebrate the ride!


To accompany the release of the Zsou 12, the duo recorded a mix especially for the LN-CC store which is available to download.

Download Mix