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Storemix NTS Baba Stiltz
Storemix NTS Baba Stiltz

Swedish musician, producer and aspiring influencer Baba Stiltz dares to be different, channelling idiosyncratic dance music with pop infused, hypnotic melodies. Baba Stiltz has been played over 90 times on NTS and has recently begun hosting his own NTS show. Ahead of the release of his Store Mix we caught up with the NTS regular to talk hair care, the distractions and sounds that have helped him through the pandemic and find out what advice he would give his 10-year-old self.

Firstly, how are you and what have these questions interrupted you from?
Hi, I'm good. I’m in quarantine in an apartment in Haggerston atm. I was watching bodybuilding and playing ‘Poor Boy Long Way From Home’ on my guitar.

Could you introduce yourself? Who is Baba Stiltz and why do you do what you do?
My name is Baba Stiltz. I’m a musician and aspiring influencer.

What got you into music initially? And then production?
My dad taught me guitar when I was 8. Production is something that just came along as my manic obsession for music grew. Now I don’t really differentiate between writing, producing, recording. It all serves the same purpose.

What was the first record you bought and the latest?
Probably the Bright Eyes/Neva Dinova split. The latest was an EP off of Bright Eyes’ Cassadaga record haha. And a Dino Jr EP.

Now, your luscious mane is the envy of us all. What’s your hair secret?
I brush my hair quite a lot. I’d say vanity and my Mason Pearson and Tangle Teaser combo. But mostly vanity.

As NTS introduced us, can you tell us what NTS means to you? You’ve been a regular guest for years and you’ve recently returned with a new show. What can listeners expect?
In the disorienting and soul crushing world of online “platforms” and “communities” I find that NTS actually offers something real. The wide variety of music that they broadcast is always of quality and intent. Over the years they have been kind enough to let me participate and I've always found it an enjoyable experience. The new show is based around the concept of alternative music. Americana, weirdo electronics and non-danceable stuff is to be expected.

Who and what were the people, distractions and sounds that have helped you through the pandemic?
Music has always served as the great distraction for me; be that writing, recording or just messing around on my guitar, other than that, movies and books. I rewatched the Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston film Murder Mystery which was great. Also, I borrowed my friend Elis Burrau's copy of My Loose Thread by Dennis Cooper. awesome book.

What, if anything, has the pandemic taught you/revealed to you about your work and world?
I think the realisation that my travels as a DJ were not healthy and that it took a huge mental toll on me has been extremely important. All things considered I'm happy that I was forced to reevaluate my music, my setting and most of all find comfort in change.

This year LN-CC turns 10. What were you like aged 10? If you could go back and speak to 10-year-old you, what advice would you give them?
I don’t remember. I was super into music and not sports. I guess I'd say that sports aren’t that bad.

Could you introduce the mix in your own words?
The mix is kind of an introduction to both my NTS show and where I'm finding inspiration atm.

Beyond shopping at LN-CC, what would you like listeners to be doing to this mix?
Maybe smoke a cigg and drink some tea? I dunno, do whatever.

What would you like listeners to take away when they press play?
Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

What are your hopes, fears, and dreams for 2021?
I’ve found it best to not rely on hopes or fears, just do stuff that excites you and others that get it.

What’s next? What excites you most about next year? Finally, is there anything that we need to know?
I have 3 years of music that I've been working on, which is quite exciting. Bless all.