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In Focus: Max Mara
In Focus: Max Mara
In Focus: Max Mara

“There’s no such thing as silence,” John Cage explained in the aftermath of the premiere of his most controversial piece, 4’33”. The performance of the three-movement piece was absent of deliberate sound and consisted of musicians doing nothing but listening to the sounds in a room for the duration of 4 minutes and 33 seconds. “What they thought was silence, because they didn’t know how to listen, was full of accidental sounds,” he continued. From the wind stirring outside to raindrops patterning the roof and even the audience walking out, the environment became the orchestra and the moment became the movement. While it bemused and confused much of the Woodstock audience, it cemented the music theorist, writer, and artist as one of the most influential composers of the 20th century and a leading figure in the post-war avant-garde.

In Focus: Max Mara

Inspired by the musical legacy of John Cage, Sportmax spring/summer 22 urfurls as an exploration of the dichotomy between order and chaos, light and obscurity, as well as the stark contrast between noise and silence. Mirroring Cage’s life work and collaboration with his choreographer life partner Merce Cunningham in exploring the relationships of opposites within music and movement, Sportmax delights in the duality of conflicting themes and motifs, by fusing a Baroque sensibility into minimalist functional codes. The sartorial intent is to challenge traditional, aesthetic perceptions in order to convey a sense of escape.

In Focus: Max Mara

From the moment it was founded in 1969, Sportmax has built its heritage on a strong base of beautiful Italian craftsmanship and bold innovation. Unafraid of clean, intelligent lines and forms, this truly modern design house embraces the new and imagines the future by its constant research into cut, colour, textiles and technology, Here, the dial is turned on heritage and innovation with looks presented through a fragmented lens, where a controlled clash between essential silhouettes and volumes create a sense of theatre.


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