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Marine Serre Archive 05 LN-CC
Marine Serre Archive 05 LN-CC

Marine Serre Archive 05 LN-CC

Marine Serre’s crescent moon is the logo of a post-logo generation. Within 48 hours of the release of Beyoncé’s Black Is King visual album – in which Queen Bey and her dancers wore Marine Serre’s crescent-moon print bodysuits – searches for the French designer spiked 426 percent and in the following days this summer, more than 3,000 shoppers looked for “crescent moon top,” Lyst reported. Soon after, Vogue justifiably declared the crescent moon as THE design of the year.
The popularity of Marine Serre’s crescent pieces stretch beyond even Beyoncé. Despite its multiplicity of meanings, Marine has copy, pasted and manipulated this symbol across each of her collections, right from her La Cambre graduate collection, entitled Radical Call For Love, which fused 90s sportswear with 19th century Arab dress. Since her triumphant Paris Fashion Week autumn/winter 18 debut, Marine Serre has been busy crafting a sustainability-focused soft power movement that has demanded that the industry be more conscious of the world around it. Throughout, she’s asked herself one simple but powerful question: “Why does the world need another fashion brand?” Her answer has been to create no ordinary fashion brand, hers is something that the world needs. “It’s not enough to dream,” the Corrèze-born, La Cambre-educated, LVMH Prize-winning talent has told LN-CC previously, “you have to follow through with action, you have to question, you have to provide answers and it has to be real.”

Marine Serre Archive 05 LN-CC

Driven by an insatiable desire to provide answers, Marine and her team continually deepen their research, development and experimentation of upcycled materials, narratives and symbolism. With the crescent moon ever present, Marine Serre has created a fashion movement like no other. Today, the crescent moon is ambiguous yet powerful, recognisable yet discrete, tribal yet ubiquitous. Today, Marine Serre and LN-CC come together to celebrate the crescent moon.

Marine Serre Archive 05 LN-CC

As the crescent capsule launches exclusively on LN-CC, we invited London-based creative director, stylist and Marine Serre fan, Jamie-Maree Shipton, to be the first to try on the manipulated moon pieces. After we took her to the (crescent) moon and back, Jamie-Maree collaged her crescent obsessions.

Firstly, how are you, where are you and what are interrupting you from?
I’m good thank you, the sun is out in London which improves my mood :) I’m currently in creating and “mum” mode, I was painting and have my puppy asleep in my other arm; he’s needy!

Could you introduce yourself? What do you do and why do you it?
I’m Jamie-Maree (mum blessed me with a hyphenated name, but many prefer to shorten it so I get JM, Jam or Jamie, but I’ll answer to them all. I’m an art/creative director and stylist. I work on editorials, runway, for brands, stores and myself, I dabble. I do it because I honestly can’t imagine myself doing anything else. My brain is just wired to think creatively, to imagine, mood board, research, create. I’m a visual person; I think in colour, tone, texture. Plus, it was just such a natural step into this, I didn’t study it, it just was and is. I also grew up in a creative household, my mum is an artist so I grew up using my hands to express myself through drawing, painting etc. Styling is just another way of painting on a different canvas.

Marine Serre Archive 05 LN-CC

How was the shoot? LN-CC took you to the moon and back...
The shoot was an experience. I definitely prefer to be behind camera, and it’s not my most comfortable state to be in, but it’s 2020, and if we can’t push ourselves this year (because what else can really go wrong or be worse?) then when can we? I also love Marine Serre, and have used their items across shoots for years now, their sustainable practices have been something I have long valued, so wearing this Archive 05 collection was a treat I couldn’t pass up. Plus, who doesn’t want to have a moon moment like this?! The pieces also just fit like a glove to a woman’s shape, all shapes, so you can’t help but feel yourself in them!

Marine Serre Archive 05 LN-CC

What does the crescent moon represent to you?
A crescent moon means many things, beyond the obvious moment in time it can represent, for me personally it’s quite indicative of what my craft means to me. When I was young someone close to me once said “you are to me, as the moon is to night”. And this really got me thinking, what brings my life light? What shines a light on the dark? What is my natural and obvious companion for life, and it’s my love of being creative. So I decided to create “Air To My Earth”, my way to attribute my aesthetic, as the moon to my night, it's the air I breathe.

Marine Serre Archive 05 LN-CC

What do you hope viewers take away from them?
My collages are really a reflection of my thought process when it comes to conception of ideas. I spend a lot of time researching across various platforms, including eBay and auction sites, and the smallest thing can trigger inspiration for a project. For example, the image of a moon, it can be found in so many places and presented in so many ways. I’m currently quite obsessed with old trinkets and figurines, as well as kitsch-ness and glass ornaments so I filtered my collage to those parameters (there are many many moons over the Internet lol). So what I hope the viewer takes away….perhaps a glimpse at how my brain works, because I couldn’t explain it in words, but visuals can do the trick.


Photography Raphael Bliss, @raphaelbliss

Model Jamie-Maree Shipton, @airtomyearth

Creative Sam Stringer,

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