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Storemix NTS Sofie
Storemix NTS Sofie

From learning to play the violin at four and winning a play to study at the prestigious Vienna Conservatoire to becoming an integral member of the early Boiler Room team, securing a job at Stones Throw and becoming an NTS resident, Sofie Fatouretchi has been forever immersed in music. After playing, promoting and producing the work of other artists, she released her debut album, Cult Survivor, back in June at a time in which most of our worlds were in a state of flux and panic. Written as a direct response to difficult personal experiences, it provided a fitting soundtrack to, and welcome escape from, the pandemic. Her monthly NTS show, SOS Radio, has and continues to cultivate through its “Everywhere Music 4 Every 1” mission. As fellow Dalston-born, global-reaching neighbour NTS continues its takeover of our Store Mix series, who better to soothe our souls than Sofie? Press play and turn the dial.

Hey Sofie, how are you, where are you and what have these questions interrupted you from?
Hello! I’m well. I’m currently in New York, at an apartment in Chinatown and I’m just about to get my day started.

Could you introduce us to you and your world? Who is Sofie and why do you do what you do?
I’m an artist, musician and DJ, I enjoy writing, painting, sculpting, composing and playing music, and I model occasionally; the multitude comes from a necessity to make a living as an artist.

We hear you. Did you ever experience a music-as-career epiphany or was it a series of events, a journey?
I think having had a technical background as a teenager really helped in being offered a full-time job, initially at Stones Throw (after my two month internship) as well as being involved in Boiler Room from its earliest days.

When was the moment that you realised that you could be a record maker, player and more?
I’ve been playing the violin since I was about four years old, even in a professional capacity as a child, which led to me studying performance violin at the Konservatorium in Vienna as a teenager, and in various orchestras. I loved composing my own melodies, and later on producing music for other artists – so some element of that had always been there, but it never translated into me having the courage to write my own songs really until a couple of years ago, and those songs became my first album, Cult Survivor.

Now let’s talk about the debut album, congratulations! Written as a direct response to difficult personal experiences, how cathartic was it to make?
I suppose the word release really has ambiguity here: it was definitely also a release in terms of continuing to let certain occurrences and experiences still have some kind of hold over me.

How has a lockdown-dominated year most impacted your work? Had you planned to tour the album?
For fear of this sentiment sounding repetitive because I’ve heard it echoed many times – to be able to take a break from what it was prior and have time to myself was wildly enjoyable for someone as reclusive as myself. Of course, I’m saddened that I wasn’t able to tour, but it also gave me ample time to finish a follow-up record, which will hopefully be released later this year. It also caused a natural elimination of things I no longer wished to participate in, and I’m hoping that’s something I can sustain as time progresses.

You’ve been an active member in the NTS community since 2013! What does NTS mean to you? What can listeners expect when they tune in to SOS Radio – where do you want to take them?
I can’t believe it’s been so long! I loved the station from the minute I was introduced to it, and I’m forever grateful to Femi (who’s mix kicking off this series I really enjoyed, by the way!) for giving me a show, I’ve gone through phases of course of having more time for the show and then less, but ultimately it’s been wonderful for me to have an archive, a musical diary of sorts, and having had the opportunity to have so many lovely people contribute guest mixes – and that’s ultimately what listeners can expect from SOS Radio – a little bit of everything I’ve been into: everywhere music for everyone.

Beyond shopping at LN-CC, what would you like listeners to be doing to this mix?
There’s definitely a lot of different material in there, but to give you some of my favorite activities… Cleaning my apartment! Organising my stuff! Driving a car! Running or any exercise of your choosing! Dancing with friends or a lover!

What would you like listeners to take away when they press play?
Hopefully joy!

Photographer Matthias Aschauer