Store Mix 103: Kittysayword



Born and raised in the cultural melting pot of New York City, KITTYSAYWORD draws inspiration from the city's diverse music scene, where vibrant flavours and styles intersect. Influenced by Dembow, DanceHall, Afrobeats, and Baile Funk, her sets are a celebration of freedom and joy, inviting listeners to feel energised, elevated, and empowered. 

“Lately I've been feeling very sensual, intune with myself and in my body. I think this mix reflects that – great music to dance in front of the mirror to while getting dressed, you know? Lol. It's fresh, sexy, and ascending.” 

Having travelled the world with her music, each experience has shaped her perspective and strengthened her intuition. From solo adventures in Europe to memorable moments at Notting Hill Carnival, she has found inspiration in the connections she's made. As she looks to the future, KITTYSAYWORD is excited to launch her podcast, "Bet on Yourself," exploring the power of self-discovery and human connection through meaningful conversations. 

Through her music, KITTYSAYWORD is creating a sense of community and belonging, encouraging people to embrace the moment and dance like nobody's watching. 

Could you introduce us to you and your world? 

KITTYSAYWORD: Hi! I'm KITTYSAYWORD, I’m currently living between New York City and LA. I love to decorate spaces with music and inspire people to dance – I believe music is the quickest way to elevate the energy in a room. I know its power and how healing it is, so being able to share amazing sounds is an honour that brings me so much joy, and it makes me feel so alive!  

Being born in New York City, how has the city's diverse music scene shaped your sound and style as a DJ?   KITTYSAYWORD: Travelling all over the world, I’ve learned how special and unique NYC sincerely is and there's nothing like it. Inspiration is literally on the streets! New York City is a melting pot with vibrant flavours, style but especially music – from loud cars passing, people blasting tunes without headphones on the train lol, even your neighbour cleaning to oldies – you just can't escape it, music is embedded in the city. Taking a little bit from this and that from these experiences eventually it takes form sonically.  

Can you tell us more about the cultural influences that inspire your music?  KITTYSAYWORD: The music I enjoy playing is influenced by genres within the black diaspora. So Dembow, DanceHall, Afrobeats, Baile Funk – it’s music meant for dancing and moving your body is the most freeing thing – feeling free is very important to me. 

Your sets are known to transcend genre boundaries. What do you want your audiences to take away from your sets?  KITTYSAYWORD: It's simple, I want people to feel fly, elevated and worthy. Everyone deserves to feel good. To be in community and to dance. All of us deserve joy and I love to make people feel worthy of that. Music is a symbol of life. It shows that we are alive. 

Your journey as a DJ has taken you around the world. What’s been a memorable experiences that has left a lasting impact on your music or perspective?  KITTYSAYWORD: Going to Notting Hill Carnival for the first time solo! I took the tube, the route had changed from its usual and I needed to figure it out! Thank god for my New York Train experience. The platform overflowed with everyone heading to carnival. And the thing no one ever mentions is that your cell service does not work when you're among 1 million people. 

I remember just trusting my gut to guide me and eventually I made it to the block of the Deviation x Disya Jeneration Sound System. I'm walking on the street side with fewer people and bump into Benji B, a good friend of mine. He’s like,  “Are you by yourself?” I say, “Yea.” – we head to the stage and I see so many familiar faces – it felt as if I had arrived. I look out to the crowd and more friends. Notting Hill is so special – a true London thing! To experience carnival in this way and that being my first, it was easily one the best days of my life! Hearing the music in the proper sound systems, the joy among the people, everyone dancing even though there was no space to do so, it really inspired me.  

What’s next for KITTYSAYWORD?  

KITTYSAYWORD: I’m launching a podcast called “Bet on Yourself”. Music is the vehicle in which I connect with people, but ultimately what I care about the most is people and connection. This podcast explores my love for people, their journey and the power of choosing yourself.