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Ever transforming the practical into the playful, ln-cc collates the cosiest knitted accessories and gives them a cartoonish revamp with the help of multidisciplinary creative janina zais.

As the panoramic panini pandem-shhh, made us accustomed to face coverings and expressive eyes, AW22 supplements clinical PPE for ensconcing balaclavas and matching outerwear sets. Cocooning and snug, from Jil Sander’s lustrous fluffy co-ord to Marni’s bumblebee striped wrap and Acne Studios’ rainbow beanie, the new knits are anything but incognito. As even the mask-like balaclava demands attention. Stepping into the ring light, a range of distinct faces form mohair and wool framed canvases for Janina’s not-your-average-children’s-party face painting. Inspired by vintage cartoons and a lifetime of doodling, the Berlin and London-based artist injects classic comfort-focused styling with a pop-culture aesthetic that is startling as it is cute. Interrupting Janina as she queued in the security line in Berlin airport, LN-CC chats craft, influences and knitwear to love now.

HEY JANINA! HAVE YOU ALWAYS PAINTED IN THIS STYLE, OR DO YOU EVER PAINT CONVENTIONAL MAKE-UP? Yes, I also do normal makeup. But at one point in my career, I began to miss the creative parts and I started playing with colours on faces and bodies and hair! Ever since I’m obsessed with it! It’s so much fun for me!

WHAT DID YOU THINK WHEN LN-CC APPROACHED YOU ABOUT THIS PROJECT? I thought immediately that this job is gonna be super fun! I love painting faces, I could do that for the rest of my life.

WHAT INFLUENCES YOU? CAN YOU EXPLAIN MORE ABOUT YOUR PROCESS AND HOW YOU BEGIN YOUR DESIGNS? Mostly I go on Pinterest and search for cartoons from my childhood. I like Pokémon or My Little Pony and then I ask my friends if I can paint their faces!

DID YOU GROW UP IN A CREATIVE HOUSEHOLD? Yes, my family is super creative. My father is an airbrush artist and from an early age I was drawing and painting on everything I could possibly get my hands on. Even Math tests!

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DO YOU HAVE ANY FAVOURITE THINGS YOU LIKE TO PAINT? Mainly funny characters or stuff I find in vintage shops on old books or stickers! Anything I see really. WHAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM IN YOUR KIT? My body painting colours! I remember one time I had a super spontaneous shoot in London and I was still living in Berlin at time. I didn’t have my kit with me but had some body painting colours I had borrowed from a friend but no brushes, so I just painted with my fingers and Q-Tips! It turned out pretty good! WE FOUND YOUR PAGE VIA INSTAGRAM, WHAT IMPACT HAS INSTAGRAM HAD ON YOUR CAREER? A huge one! I can show my work how I like it. Also, it’s how I generate many of my clients through it! WHAT KNITWEAR ARE YOU LOVING WEARING? My favourite knitwear at the moment is ankle warmers. I wear them all the time! And I would definitely wear a balaclava, anything that keeps me warm in winter is priceless! IS THERE ANYTHING YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT YOU’RE DOING? OR ANYTHING ABOUT YOURSELF YOU THINK THEY SHOULD KNOW? I moved to London in April and I’m tired of flying back and forth between Berlin and London for jobs. My absolute dream is to work more often in London! Also, my favourite fruit is pineapple, and my favourite colour is light pink!

Credits Face Painting Janina Zais, @janinazais Talent Kamil, @sznajd.er @antiagencyldn, Eva @evawuyang@xdirectn