AW24 Store Mix 104: VARG2TM
AW24 Store Mix 104: VARG2TM



Jonas Rönnberg, also known as Varg2™, has carved out a distinct niche in the music scene, fuelled by his passion for artistic expression and the pursuit of fearless creativity. 

A provocative force in Stockholm’s cultural landscape and beyond, Varg2™ fearlessly challenges listener expectations with his unique blend of raw, atmospheric soundscapes. Seamlessly navigating between the traditional and experimental realms—from hyperpop-infused rap and heavyweight techno to black metal influences and intricate ambient sounds—his music defies genre boundaries. 

Celebrating the release of Varg2™’s exclusive Store Mix for LN-CC, the Swedish electronic musician, producer and artist shares insights into the influences shaping his music, the vibrant community at Northern Electronics and his authentic approach to live performances. 

How did growing up in a small rural town shape your music style? 

Varg2™: It had an opposite effect in the way that I tried to escape it and seek influence outside of where I lived. I listened to dancehall and black metal growing up. I was always attracted to the music with the most bass. 

Since 2013, Northern Electronics has been a cornerstone record label for techno and experimental music. How did you come to co-lead the label alongside producer Anthony Linell, also known as Abdulla Rashim? 

Varg2™: Anthony started the label and he kind of forced me to record my music because I would just do hardware jams and play on my old equipment and never record. It took a few years but eventually I became a big part of the label. Now it’s dope to have such an intimate community, that’s how you build a relationship with people that listen to your music. It becomes a way to form a much deeper connection between you and your audience. That’s something I can even feel already right now. The bigger the audience gets, the harder it is to maintain a significant connection with each listener. Half of the people just fuck with me because I post dumb shit and fit pics. Shoutout to all the NE day ones! 

Its known for its family-like approach, working primarily with friends and local artists. How does this community mindset impact the label's releases and overall ethos? 

Varg2™: We just like to work with friends and keep it in the family. Sweden is super boring, but it’s beautiful. You have to find ways to entertain yourself and being creative is it. I have a lot of homies doing a lot of different things, like painting or producing or whatever, it’s just like, if you don’t have a burning passion you get super bored super fast. We’re trying to make vinyl records to be made so that in years to come, someone will stumble across it and escape into a new world of music. It’s not meant to hit for a bigger audience but for the strays and the people that resonate with it. 

Where do you see the greatest potential for originality within music, and which artists or communities do you find most inspiring in this way? 

Varg2™: Since covid, mainstream music has become super algorithmic and homogenised and even though it sucks, it just means that younger, fresher and more experimental artists have the chance to disrupt the norm. I love trap music. It inspires me in the sense that a lot of people and their managers are coming from a street mentality and are pushing the music in a different way to how labels would do it. Instead of repeating one song and making TikTok dances it’s more raw. They drop low budget DIY videos and look hella fresh. This is punk music 2024. 

Your live shows are known for being unconventional, how do you feel about the freedom to do whatever you want on stage and how do you decide what elements to include? 

Varg2™: Honestly, I’m trying to play what is needed in that moment. Sometimes my ideas may be a bit fried at the time but I don’t do things for cheap shock value or an obscene reaction. I’m genuinely trying to curate an experience and make sure everyone’s having a good ass time. Things just need to be shown in a different context at times. 

What tabs have you currently got open? 

Varg2™: I have a LOT of Phillip Plein tabs open. Mr. Beast. Also, I’m really into history and in particular Swedish history right now. I’m always on the lookout for modular gear, I’m returning to hardware after many years and I’m excited to fuck around and get back to it. Taking a hiatus from being a laptop producer/DJ. 

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you? 

Varg2™: That I used to collect dancehall 7’ at 12 and that all my tattoos are fake and I wake up early every morning to draw them on. 

Last year, you and artist Bladee showcased your collaborative paintings in the show "Fucked For Life" at The Hole Gallery in New York. What's your perspective on the relationship between music and visual art? 

Varg2™: For me it’s the same thing. Just a different ways of channeling myself into something. Painting was much more accessible for me growing up. I have been painting graffiti since I was 10. Many times an album for me can start by creating the cover art first and then I can just hear it come together in my head. 

What was the inspiration behind your Store Mix for LN-CC? 

Varg2™: The song selection was involuntary. I was possessed by DJ Worm. 

What’s next for Varg2TM? 

Varg2™: I’ve been in a super creative phase recently. So lots more of everything. I just opened an art gallery in Stockholm that I’m excited to work on. Next up is a project with Christ Dillinger and DJ Smokey. I’ve been making a mix of both ambient and insane club music lately. I’m happy and in a good place and I see my support getting bigger so I’m gonna go crazy dropping a bunch of of music this year.