Store Mix 102: Malthus x Dr. Martens




Imbued with the essence of new-age soul, multi-talented musician, producer and director, Malthus, brings to the forefront an era-defining sound merging elements of experimental dance music, RnB and avant pop.  

From a young age, the multifaceted artist grew-up surrounded by piano melodies, a bond that would become a profound influence on his future, forming the artist he is today. Malthus defines music as his way of living, a go-to form of relief, an intrinsic need. Each song is a part of him, a pathway into the depths of his inner self. 

Storemix 102: Malthus X Dr. Martens
SS24 Storemix 102: Malthus X Dr. Martens

“Music to me is definitely a form of escapism - either by escaping into the work of creating music, or by dancing to it.” 

Storemix 102: Malthus X Dr. Martens SS24
Storemix 102: Malthus X Dr. Martens

His strong visuals and unique way of placing note after note to create his own emotionally-charged and distinctive sound has caught the attention of music and fashion industry creatives alike. With sounds that are sonically unique, anything but ordinary, infused with a contemporary twist, Malthus’ career has only just begun.  

Dr. Martens shares a similar energy. Throughout Dr. Martens history, the brand has been adopted and subverted by diverse individuals, musicians, youth cultures and tribes. These are the people, like Malthus, who stand out from the crowd and their journey of self-expression has always been accompanied by a pair of DM’s.  

Creepers have been part of the Dr. Martens line-up for decades — always anchored by the renowned Dr. Martens sole and individual spirit. Reimagined for a new generation, the Ramsey creeper is reworked in bold and unexpected shades like fondant pink and lime green. Elevated with a monk strap and matching suede kittie. 

Get to know the artist behind the exclusive mix.  

Could you introduce us to you and your world? Who is Malthus? 

Malthus: I’m a musician and filmmaker originally from Skelmersdale, North-West England. I create audio, film and movement work as Malthus, and I also founded Littledoom - my record label and production company.  

My produced work fuses elements of experimental dance music, RnB, and avant pop. As a DJ, I focus on bass.  

How did you start your love for music? What does music mean for you? 

Malthus: I started writing mostly on piano when I was a kid. My mum was a piano teacher so I grew up playing. I moved to London around 5 years ago and started composing for film and fashion pieces, and eventually moved towards creating my own bodies of work.  

How has your background influenced your work? 

Malthus: I think there’s a rawness to my music that’s come from my background, along with a sense of isolation in the work. I used to channel a lot of my harder life experiences into my music which resulted in a very dark and sparse sound, but recently I’ve flipped that a bit. Right now I’m experimenting with creating more upbeat, soulful tracks that verges into experimental electronic. 

Tell us about the mix you’ve produced for Dr. Martens? 

Malthus: I created an hour-long mix of dance tracks that I’ve been listening to a lot the last year or so. It’s a lot of break-infused, glitchy electronic dance music. I wanted to create something built from well-produced electronic tracks without paying too much attention to genre or bpm. It’s a selection of darker dance-floor rhythms. 

What does Dr. Martens mean to you? 

Malthus: DM is punk and not really giving a fuck.  

What other moods and genres would you like to explore in future projects? 

Malthus: I’m exploring a lot more spoken or rapped vocals, alongside seeing how far I can blend RnB with dance music.  

The music industry is famously cutthroat; how do you navigate it without it affecting your creativity? 

Malthus: I keep my circle small. 

As a performance artist, what's your relationship with fashion? 

Malthus: What I’m wearing helps me to create a divide between “Malthus” and Sam. That’s really important to me.  

How has London’s queer rave scene influenced you and your music? 

Malthus: It got me wanting to make music for club spaces.  

What can we expect from Malthus in the future? 

Malthus: This year is all about developing what I started last year with the label and my own record. Expect more Littledoomreleases, and more Malthus music as soon as I can bring myself to get it finished!