AW23 Store Mix 100: Adam Pits



Hailing from Leeds, Adam Pits crafts a sound that's both calmingly radiant and energetically compelling. Defined by his unique blends that are both club-friendly and suited for home listening, Adam has found himself at the heart of the contemporary dance music scene. Sitting somewhere between tech-house, trance, techno and breakbeat, his DJ sets are underpinned by intricate soundscapes. 

Unrestricted by genre or mood, Adam takes us on a cosmic journey for LN-CC’s 100th store mix as part of the line-up of emerging DJs who are making their mark in the industry – curated by Dan Mitchell, one of LN-CC's founding members and co-founder of Space Available. The 100th Store Mix is released alongside two limited edition LN-CC X Space Available T-shirts and tote bag featuring the names of each DJ. 

Most important question first; how do you dance to the sound of someone brushing their teeth? 

Adam: From my experience as a child in my mother’s arms (without the use of my legs) it was a gentle bop up and down.  

Your parents are classically trained and you’re an accomplished cellist, how did you come to electronic music and why? 

Adam: In all honesty, I think I had the ability to become an accomplished Cellist but I never reached my true potential. The main reason for my musical transition was my realisation that I was a music composer more so than a performer. At the same time, I was exploring the world of clubs and dance music – I guess this was all a perfect storm. 

How does your classical background influence the music you create today? 

Adam: It took me a good while to notice the benefits from my musical upbringing as it felt second nature by that point. The time I spent training my ears, and learning scales/studies/works means coming up with fresh original ideas in my head is forever. The more production skills I learn, the quicker and more precise I can translate the ideas – I guess the short answer is literally musical intuition, and I generally don't find myself having to use music theory because of this. 

Your sound is very ethereal, do you believe in the supernatural? 

Adam: There is part of me that enjoys the world of superstition but with a gentle balance of logic. I'm on the fence, willing and open to fall either way! 

How do you approach making a mix? What was the inspiration behind your Store Mix? 

Adam: The store mix is a reflection of my current obsession with musical textures and hypnotism. I usually sit down with a playlist of all the new music from recent times, and out of it, aim to form a sonic mosaic with close attention to keys and energy. I like my mixes to be as homogenous as possible. 

The LN-CC store is closed for refurbishments so we can’t throw the big birthday bash that Store Mix 100 deserves. In our fantasy celebration, what tracks are you playing to get people moving, who’s on your guest list and where’s the afterparty? 

Adam: I’d certainly have my sister and cousins on the guest list – we all have a great connection but unfortunately haven't been able to party together much over the years. I’d play some nice airy house/tech house with dubby textures. Gentle enough for people to chat and hang out but enough groove to get people moving. Afterparty – Venue MOT. 

Where in Leeds can we find the best coffee and the best sound systems? 

Adam: Best sound in Leeds has to be Cosmic Slop Sound System. I've had some magical nights there. Best coffee, believe it or not, is at my house. My good friend and housemate has spent a while buying and creating the perfect system for homemade espresso/filter coffee. From the grinder and scales to the machine and milk choice (Sproud pea milk) we have everything necessary to make the perfect coffee.

Creative artists traditionally travel to capital cities to pursue their careers, was it a conscious decision to stay in your hometown? 

Adam: At the time of having to make that decision, I was determined to be somewhere that was cheap enough to live a decent life without having to work so many hours that you have no energy for anything else. I also had many friends in Leeds having spent three years studying here so combined, it was a perfect place for me. 

How did your label On Rotation come about? 

Adam: On Rotation was formed nearly 10 years ago as a party in Leeds. During my university years, I was just a punter but felt like part of the family that was Chris, Marlon and Alex T at the time. Just before Covid, Alex had asked if I wanted to be part of the crew – sadly passing away months after that invitation. We felt it was necessary to continue On Rotation, as Alex would have wanted, and with the emergence of Covid and Lockdowns, it only felt natural to use the time to start the Label.