AW23 Store Mix 101: Taahliah



Artist, DJ and producer, TAAHLIAH is paving the way for a new generation of electronic producers. Recognised for her blend of hard dance and pop sounds, she holds her place amongst the main players of the electronic music landscape. She established her name in the underground dance scenes of Berlin and Glasgow as a DJ and remixer before taking stage as a producer in 2021. Her iconoclastic productions and boundary-pushing sound convey universal messages of power, acceptance, bravery and fun. 

Get to know TAAHLIAH a little better while embracing the artist’s energetic sounds exclusively for LN-CC’s 100th Store Mix. Curated by Dan Mitchell, one of LN-CC's founding members and co-founder of Space Available, the line-up includes established DJs who have contributed to LN-CC mixes in the past and new-gen talent set to make their mark. The 100th Store Mix is released alongside two limited edition LN-CC X Space Available T-shirts and a tote bag featuring the names of each DJ. 

Could you introduce us to you and your world? Who is TAAHLIAH, why do you do what you do and, for the uninitiated, what does a TAAHLIAH set sound like?

TAAHLIAH: Hi, I’m TAAHLIAH. I’m an artist, breathing, living and working out of Glasgow and sometimes London — I never know what to say in introductions … I’d like to believe my sets are fun and energetic, that’s what I’m always aiming for anyway. My practice is ever evolving so I always find it hard to try to pinpoint specific ways of describing. The best way to understand something is to immerse yourself in it.

What can you tell us about the Store Mix? Could you describe it in your own words?  TAAHLIAH: This mix encapsulates a cacophony of sounds that I have been pouring myself into recently. A real immersion into the webbing of my creative brain so to speak.  

Beyond shopping at LN-CC, what would you like listeners to be doing when they press play?  TAAHLIAH: Lol. Listen! 

Dead or alive, who would you love to work with?  TAAHLIAH: I’d love to work with Elizaveta Porodina, she creates the most unreal, beautiful, and intricate images. Sam McKinniss and France Lise-McGurn get honourable mentions too as they are my favourite painters. 

What track is your track of the summer?  TAAHLIAH: According to Spotify, Margaret by Lana Del Rey. According to Rekordbox, Chemical Control (2007 Remix) by D-Deck.

What track are you most excited to play next?  TAAHLIAH: The ones from my new record.

Who do you make your music for?  TAAHLIAH: People that care. 

Since your music career was sparked by being dissatisfied at parties, what does a TAAHLIAH party look like? Who’s invited, is there food or a signature drink, are we smoking or vaping, what time does the fun start, and besides yourself, who’s DJing?  TAAHLIAH: This is something I’ve been thinking about recently with some upcoming projects I have lined up. There are times I get fearful that I’ve grown out of parties but I think rather, I’ve started to move into a headspace that requires more — thinking about what can exist beyond the ‘party’, and what makes it pleasurable and exciting. You will, however, never catch me with a vape in my mouth. 

The music industry is famously cutthroat; how do you navigate it without it affecting your creativity?  TAAHLIAH: Long walks, hot yoga, and pink grapefruit kombucha. 

As a highly visible creator, what's your relationship with fashion?  TAAHLIAH: A co-dependent one.

Have your expectations of your style changed and what are you into right now?  TAAHLIAH: I look to the past to inform my future, particularly with style, so much more than what I used to. It is developing with time  — I older I get, the more comfortable I am with my decisions. It’s only recently that I’ve began trusting myself. Right now? Wardrobe staples. Classic garments. A recognisable and distinct silhouette. Comfortability. Investing in good quality pieces. 

You’ve experienced a number of rebirths, Kilmarnock to Glasgow, experimental producer to viral Boiler Room DJ, musician but also a podcaster. What’s next on the horizon?  TAAHLIAH: Seeing the world, pushing smiles and releasing my record.