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DRx Romanelli

Dr. Romanelli (DRx) is known for revitalizing garments through the reconstruction of upcycled items to tell the consumer a new story. Dr. Romanelli’s brand is today multi-dimensional, transcending industries from fashion to music and marketing. A continuation of its conscious initiative, LN-CC team up with DRx to produce the ongoing project RxCYCLE. RxCYCLE is about restoring life into products by upcycling, creatively reusing and transforming old items into something new. DRx has been working closely with Doron Silverman on the development and fabrication, converting old season LN-CC products from luxury clothing into unique pieces. This season sees the use of upcycled adidas garments, reconstructed as the Bean Bag Lounge Chair. Other handpicked brands include the likes of Martine Rose, Vetements, Maison Margiela and Off-White. Each item produced is unique with a streetwear sentiment, the commitment to quality from both brands ensures a comfortable, long-lasting, and luxurious design.

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